Saturday, April 28, 2007

Writing Contest #2!

Thanks very much to all who took the time to submit!

The winner will be announced in PGS3!

PGS will give a free copy of the next issue and P100 -- enough for a good cup of coffee -- to the person who writes the best story in 300 words or less based on the above image. The winning
story will also be published in a future issue. Send your entries to and label your email "PGS2 Image Entry". Deadline is June 3, 2007. Include your name and pertinent contact information.

The above image is the work of Andrew Drilon (, a talented writer, artist, editor, and irreverent punk. His short story, Thriller, was included in PGS1. He has been featured among the Philippine Daily Inquirer's "22 Under 22 Avant-Guardians" and Meg Magazine's "Top 50 Achievers" as one of the country's hottest young voices. Mostly known for his comic book work, Drilon maintains a weekly Sunday strip for The Philippine Star and continues to make contributions to various publications such as K-Zone,, and the annual Project: Hero series, which he edits as well. A short story are slated to appear in the upcoming collection, A Time for Dragons, and he has also been published in Philippine Speculative Fiction, volumes 1 and 2. He is currently working on several projects, including an anthology, Kare Kare Komiks, various short stories, and an official comic for the US-based ska band, Reel Big Fish.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When's the deadline?

8:46 AM  
Blogger pgenrestories said...

Hi anonymous. Deadline is June 3, 2007. Thanks for pointing this out. The blog has been updated.

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, have been trying to find the first two issues based on your "where to find" list, but they claim not to have them. are there other outlets where there are available copies of PGS? i really would like to support this endeavor and have copies. thanks!

8:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, have inquired on the where-to-buy list, but they claim not to have copies of PGS... i was wondering if there are other outlets where i can find copies in support of this endeavor. please advise. thanks!

9:04 PM  
Blogger pgenrestories said...

Hi anonymous.

At Fully Booked and Bibliarch, PGS is found on the magazine racks near similar sized mags (like Sudoku publications, Witch, Winx, Archie, Crosswords, etc.)

At Booktopia, they are found near the counter and near the seats to the back of the store.

At Books for Less they are usually placed near the cash register.

At Comic Quest, you can ask the staff. They're usually displayed near the entrance.

mag:net doesn't have PGS2 yet, but will get this issue by the third week of May.

Which stores did you go to? Being a small project, and being such a big store, not all the staff of Fully Booked would know about it, but if you go to customer service and they look it up on their computer they should see it. But like I said, PGS1 and PGS2 can be found in the magazine area. I'm sure of it. Today, being a holiday, I spent some time at Fully Booked Gateway, Bibliarch, and SM North Edsa, and PGS was displayed there. Thanks.

9:07 PM  
Blogger constant drama said...

Hi, I'm from Malaysia and I am interested in joining the contest. Just wondering is the contest open to outsiders as well?

11:29 PM  
Blogger pgenrestories said...

Hi constant_drama. How are you?

Well! You've certainly given me some food-for-thought. I never thought about what you've suggested. Hmm, but yes, I'm willing to give it a try if you are. :)

Please, do go ahead and submit. For the Image Inspiration Writing Contest, submissions from outside the Philippines, or from non-Filipinos, are very much welcome! Please let your friends know about it too. Let's give this a try! It would be wonderful and interesting to read the stories that the artwork inspires, given our different backgrounds.

But...I'm afraid that sending you the prize money through mail might be impractical. So one caveat: the only prize I can give possible winners residing outside the Philippines are copies of PGS through the mail. But instead of giving just one, I'll give two copies (a copy of PGS is sold for P100.00, same amount as the prize). Fair enough? :) You can request for two copies of the same issue with your winning entry (if you win), or one copy with your winning entry and one copy of a past issue (depending on availability of stock).

Looking forward to receiving your submission, and those of your friends too. Feel free to blog about it! Best regards, and have a good week! :)

10:20 AM  
Blogger constant drama said...

Hey thanks for the reply.

I would definitely let my friends know. I kinda have an idea of what I want to write about but its the 'ink' part of the image that's messing with me.

I will find a way somehow.

1:26 AM  
Blogger pgenrestories said...

Thanks again, constant_drama. Good luck!

8:51 AM  

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