Monday, August 13, 2007

2007 Palanca Awards (updated)

Wonderful news!

Dean Alfar
has won second prize at this year's Palanca Awards for his story, "Poor, Poor Luisa" (Short Story for Children in English category). This is his 10th Palanca award overall. Dean is also the editor of the Philippine Speculative Fiction anthologies, and the author of Salamanca, a Palanca award winning novel. He's also won the National Book Award (and is nominated twice this year, so he could win more). He is the prime mover of Speculative Fiction in the Philippines.

Also, Crystal Koo has just emailed me that she's won third prize for her story, "Benito Salazar's Last Creation" (Short Story in English category). This is the first time she's won, and also, the first time she's ever joined. Crystal just finished her Masters in Creative Writing at New South Wales University, Sydney, Australia, and is currently based in Hong Kong teaching English at an International School. She also just won first prize in the postgraduate poetry category of her University's student literary journal.

(update) And this just in! Apol Lejano-Massebieu has also won her first Palanca! She won second prize for her piece, "Culture Shocked: A Story of Recovery" (Essay in English category). Since leaving the publishing industry in Manila and moving to Provence, France, with her husband a couple of years ago, Apol has turned to writing fiction, and has seen her work published in The Philippine Free Press and in Philippine Speculative Fiction, Vol. 2.

(update) Two-time winner Ian Casocot has also won his third Palanca award. He bagged third prize for "The Last Days of Magic" (Short Story for Children in English category). Ian is based in Dumaguete where he teaches. He also heads the Litcritters group there.

(update) Sarge Lacuesta, the Literary Editor of the Philippines Free Press, is this year's first prize winner in the Short Story in English category for "Flames". Sarge has won a number of Palancas before, as well as the NVM Gonzalez Award, and the National Book Award twice.

Dean's story, The Middle Prince, was PGS's first ever feature story and came out in PGS1. He has another story, one in the high-fantasy genre, slated for PGS4.

Crystal had her story, a fantasy-romance entitled The Scent of Spice, published in PGS2, her first published work of fiction. We're looking forward to more from her!

Apol, who submitted a ghost story to PGS some months ago, will see that submission published also in PGS4, along with Dean's.

Ian has promised in the comment section of this blog's "Crime Does Not Exist" post that he "feels the challenge" and might send a crime story in soon.

When we met and spoke in the recent past, Sarge promised me a scifi story for PGS. Though he's very busy, and has other writing assignments to finish, I'd gladly wait in line for one of his subsmissions.

Congratulations to Dean, Crystal, Apol, Ian, and Sarge!

Are there any more PGS contributors out there who have won this year? Please let me know so I can update this post!

(update) In other news about other PGS contributors:

Celestine Marie G. Trinidad and Elyss Punsalan, whose stories are in PGS2 and PGS3 respectively ("Beneath the Acacia" and "Twinspeak"), have also had their work accepted in another publication by Cozy Reads. They're the first two names mentioned on the link. Congratulations!

At about the same time PGS2 came out with Chiles Samaniego's "The Saint of Elsewhere", another of his stories, "Troll's Doll", also came out in issue four of Story Philippines.

And Joseph Nacino, whose story, "Insomnia", was published in PGS1, is moving up in his work as the web editor of a prominent Philippine newspaper!


Blogger Dean said...

Thanks, Kyu! As for catching up with Butch...LOL!

7:54 PM  
Blogger pgenrestories said...

You're welcome, Dean! And please don't stop writing!

8:48 PM  
Blogger Apol said...

Congratulations to everyone! And Kenneth, you better be saving me back issues to buy when I come visit in January :)

P.S. How many Palancas has Butch won? Can they still be counted? :)

9:40 PM  
Blogger pgenrestories said...

Congratulations again, Apol! Your copies will be ready when you get here! This is really wonderful news!

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