Sunday, November 25, 2007


If I was pleased before, I am even happier now. PGS contributors Joseph Nacino and Yvette Tan placed 1st and 2nd at the 2nd Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards; and Ian Casocot, last year's co-winner (he has also promised me a story for a future PGS issue), placed 2nd with Yvette. Third place went to Erin Chupeco (if you're reading this, Erin, I wouldn't mind it if you and the other writers who were short-listed would send in a story to PGS).

The judges were Dean Francis Alfar, Peque Gallaga, and Tony Perez.

Andrew Drilon, another PGS contributor, placed 2nd in the comics category (there was no first place winner).

The other two PGS contributors who were short-listed are Sharmaine Galve and Celestine Trinidad, who were seated beside each other during the event, but didn't know who each one was till they were called to the stage. The other PGS friend short-listed was Luis Katigbak, who, like Ian, may just send something in PGS's way in the future.

And I'm sure a lot of people will be thrilled to know that it was announced that there will be a 3rd Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards next year.

I am so happy for these PGS contributors and friends. Kudos to all of you, and to everyone who was short-listed!

Keep on reading and writing, folks! (that goes for everyone, not just those I've mentioned).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll do my best to, thank you for asking! :)

1:47 PM  
Blogger pgenrestories said...

Thank you, Erin. :)

9:50 AM  

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