Monday, November 12, 2007

Dean Francis Alfar On Novel Writing

In the first of the Write Or Die workshops organized by Read Or Die and the UP Institute of Creative Writing, Dean Francis Alfar gave a two-hour talk on writing the novel at Powerbooks, SM Megamall. It was a well-attended event, and though I was almost an hour late (and embarrassed myself when I arrived by greeting Nikki Alfar and Kate Aton-Osias, contributors for PGS2, in too loud a voice while Dean was speaking), it really was all right (I redeemed myself by announcing, "My name is Elbert Or!"--don't worry, El, only Nikki and Kate heard me). Others I saw in the crowd were members from NanoWriMo Philippines, PGS1 contributors Alex Osias and Vin Simbulan, F.H. Batacan (author of "Smaller and Smaller Circles"), PGS3 contributor Charles Tan, and Michael Co (co-winner of last year's 1st Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards sponsored by Fully Booked). Dean has written about the talk here, and Charles has put up a post here, and both of them have uploaded photos, as well as links to the audio file (recorded once more by Charles), and a transcript.


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