Saturday, November 17, 2007

An Essay On Science Fiction

A PGS reader directed me to this, an essay on science fiction in adoloscent literature. It's a very short essay, but it does talk about the allure the genre has on many readers, even delving briefly into contemporary scifi's origins. The author summarizes that good scifi will:

1. Make us consider the emotional, psychological, and physical effects of futuristic ideas, conflicts, change.
2. Encourage us to keep an open mind to consider unlimited possibilities.
3. Provoke questions regarding other forms of life, thereby bringing our own into perspective.
4. Stimulate curiosity and the capacity for invention.
5. Present the reader with moral and ethical dilemmas that to some degree correspond to the real world.

I read that to mean the same as what all good fiction (no matter the genre and its tropes) should do: reflect some aspect of the human condition back to the reader through the story.


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