Monday, November 19, 2007

A Famed Detective Reaches The End

The article here.

I must admit not having read any of the novels. I have two Walter Mosley's, gifts from a friend, on my shelves somewhere. I have heard of Easy Rawlins, however. I wonder where those books are? I must read them during the coming holiday season, maybe even look for the movie that was based on one of the books.

A couple of interesting quotes from the article:

"It is the job of a novelist to tell a story that engages somebody, about a world that is different, at least in perspective," he says. "A lot of times novelists, literary people will say that reading should be challenging. But a writer should never say that. The writer should say, 'I'm making this as accessible as possible.' "

"Mosley is mostly known for his crime books -- a fact that he blames on marketing. And he's doing his best to avoid being pigeonholed, although he sort of dresses like a private eye in a black suit, long black coat and hat.

"If you look at the history of writing, most people write all kinds of different things. It's only recently that people concentrate, and that's because it's how writers can be sold," he says."


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