Tuesday, December 11, 2007


We can expect another PGS contributor and Pinoy writer to have a story out early next year on Weird Tales, a US based magazine with the mission of publishing "brilliantly strange material that can't be found elsewhere." This contributor won't let me reveal his identity yet because he can't believe that his work's been accepted and published until he actually sees the evidence for himself, staring right back at him (I can understand the feeling). But he has at least allowed me to mention the publication where his story is coming out. As soon as his story's up I'll post about it here on the PGS blog. Congratulations! If you're reading this, let me know right away when your tale is up!

And remember, Nikki Alfar's story on Fantasy Magazine is due out soon!

That adds another Pinoy writer to the list of folk who've been getting their stories out and published internationally! I'm so happy that PGS contributors and friends have kept on writing and hammering away at other markets, locally and abroad, and I'm happy that PGS carries some of their work. Hooray!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i really love it when writers announce that they've been published. published writer takes pride in their story coming out into the world. and then other writers get to discover another avenue for submissions. it's so symbiotic. :)

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