Friday, December 07, 2007

The Golden Compass, From Two Who've Seen It

Chiles Samaniego has sent in another link, Compass Points: Catholic and atheist, from the BBC news website. He sent it in after reading the post here. It's an article on The Golden Compass movie, with two short reviews, one from a Catholic reviewer, the other from an atheist. Neither are glowing, but I respect their opinions a bit more than the opinions of all those others who were saying a lot of things about the movie weeks before it was even released. A quote I like from the article:

"Clearly, the Magisterium is meant to represent the Catholic church, but I think the Catholic League in America are really overstepping the mark.

There's no need to call for any boycott of it.

The whole thing is about polar bears - it's nothing to do with the Magisterium.

I'd be far more offended if I was a polar bear. The polar bears are ludicrously portrayed - I don't empathise with them at all."


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