Sunday, December 02, 2007

More On Novel Writing From Sir Butch

In a brief follow up to what he wrote about novel writing last week (which was mentioned here), sir Butch Dalisay continues his ruminations in "This Writerly Thread" on his blog, and in his Philippine Star column, Penman, for December 3, 2007.

Here's a quote:

"...we’re not writing about the things that might prove interesting to our potential readers; we wouldn’t mind being popular, but we shun the popular. The crimes that pepper our tabloids hardly ever make it to our fiction. Clearly, we need to write more popular or genre fiction—novels that employ not only the fantastic, but also more crime, more sex, and more humor. They may not necessarily be great novels, but good ones—novels that can attract and develop a new class of readers, be serialized, be turned into movies, be talked about over Monday-morning coffee."

He follows this with some announcements, including details for events on December 8, 2007, and a writing workshop in April 2008 that's open to applications. Please do check out his blog for the full entry.


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