Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Despite my best efforts each year, I can't stop Christmas from coming.

This morning, the day after Christmas, I opened my copy of The Philippine Star and turned to a page with a large picture of The Grinch, which accompanied the column of Palanca winner Exie Abola (I wrote about Exie here in early November). His column, "Thus Spake The Grinch", sounded just like the kind of thing this particular Grinch could get into, especially on what is known in western countries as Boxing Day. And for the first half of the column, it was.

And then...

...the author--who I thought was a fellow Grinch--goes and lets holes appear in the roof of his cave, letting shafts of sunlight in.

So pardon me while I head on over to his blog and try to patch the holes before any lasting damage is done. :)

*I do like the fact that it's raining today. Gives me another thing to complain about. Tralalala...


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