Thursday, February 14, 2008


Three announcements to make, about two ladies and a gentleman:

MRR Arcega, author of "The Magic Christmas Box" from the PGS Holiday Issue, has been published in Story Philippines. Her story, "Sonia Makes A Baby", is available in the magazine's current issue.

Crystal Koo, author of "The Scent Of Spice" from PGS2, emailed to say that a short-story of hers is going to be published in Sydney in a book entitled Salu-Salo: An Anthology Of Philippine-Australian Writings. The book is to be launched on May 25, 2008, by the Sydney Writers Festival, which Crystal describes as "the biggest literary event in Australia attended by writers, publishers, and editors." She's invited, of course, and is going to do her best to be there. Let's hope she gets there so she can tell us how it goes!

A local writer, Jeffrey Resurreccion, emailed to say that he has published his first book, a high-fantasy entitled Rapiers: Twin Fangs, which is now available at the Xlibris bookstore. He writes: "Yes, 'hardcore' writers consider it as vanity publishing, but any, if not most, "rockstars" had to start with an EP. This I consider my EP. =) Note: Once you go to the Xlibris site, never mind the excerpt. You can avail of the promo copy, which is the complete first story chapter of Rapiers: Twin Fangs, Succint Sunrise, at my website, located at the Rapiers section. It'll be available in leading online bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble in a few weeks time. I'm also planning to make it available in the Philippines locally. I'm crossing my fingers on this one."

Congratulations to you three, and more success!


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