Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another Speculative Fiction List

My bad, for not mentioning this "Personal Speculative Fiction List for 2007" from The Bibliophile Stalker which was posted earlier. My apologies to the Stalker, but better late than never! The only excuse I can think of is that his list came very early into 2008, so I must've still been hung-over from the holiday celebrations.

I bring his list up so that you can compare it with that of Electrick Twilight Boogaloo's, which was mentioned earlier here. Might make for an interesting discussion, or maybe the Stalker and Electrick Twilight Boogaloo can make a post together, posted on both their blogs, to give the reasons for their different choices.

Thanks to the Stalker for choosing the PGS Holiday Issue as his "Best Local Speculative Fiction Magazine", and "Beacon" by Nikki Alfar as his "#1 Local Speculative Fiction Short Story".


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