Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blog Birthday

Chiles Samaniego, author of The Saint of Elsewhere from PGS2, sent in this link about Neil Gaiman's blog's birthday. There may be a free book in it for someone. From his blog:

"One thing we've decided to do, as a small celebratory birthday thing is, initially for a month, make a book of mine available online, free, gratis and for nothing."

There's a choice to be made first, though. Check out the link above for the details.


Blogger skinnyblackcladdink said...

er, the free book is going to be accessible online, initially for a month. just thought i'd throw that in in case anyone gets the wrong idea. it's all there in the linked post.

but who knows. Amazon sold The Absolute Sandman vol. 1 at 95% off when it first came out (the offer was a typo or something, but they stuck to their guns and let folks who ordered at the time have it at 5% of the actual price) so, yeah, if enough people cross their fingers or something. who knows.

10:26 PM  

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