Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Top Ten List (Updated)

Electrick Twilight Boogaloo has compiled his list of the best Philippine Speculative Fiction for 2007. Thanks for including Chiles Samaniego's "The Saint Of Elsewhere" and Paolo Chikiamco's "Homer's Child" in your list. Just click the links above to see the list. I'm sure Electrick Twilight Boogaloo will welcome any discussion/comment on the stories in his list, or even on any that aren't. And thanks for taking the time to make the list in the first place!

Update: Electrick Twilight Boogaloo has included some of his honorable mentions, among which are Crystal Koo's "The Scent of Spice" and Andrew Drilon's "Noche Buena". He also mentions a story by PGS contributor Elyss Punsalan, "Carmen and Josephine", from Philippine Speculative Fiction III.


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