Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Use Of Force

When I pressed the "On" button to my desktop computer this morning, the darn thing wouldn't boot up.

I'm older now, more mature (*ehem-ehem*, not too mature, if you please; that wouldn't be fun), so I quelled my frustration and followed the numbers for basic computer troubleshooting. I checked for sufficient power, made certain that cable connections were not loose, removed the cover to make certain the RAM and the drives were snug in their sockets, la-de-da-de-da.

It still wouldn't boot up.

So I called it a few choice curse words that would've made a sailor proud and gave it a good whack upside.

It's working fine now. :D

I was reminded of William Carlos Williams' classic short story, "The Use Of Force" (the title of which I borrowed for this blogpost). This story also explains why I am not a complete pacifist, even if my heart wants me to be.

Behave, computer, behave. :)


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