Friday, February 08, 2008

Vin Simbulan At Xavier School -- Second Semester Part 2

I've been writing about Vin Simbulan a lot lately, haven't I? That's because he has the power of the Jade Pixiu behind him!

This time, I visited his juniors class at Xavier school last January 31, 2008. Each time I visit younger writers and get a glimpse into their minds, I'm pleased and amazed at how developed their imaginations are. This group was no different. In fact, I don't recall having the same exciting ideas that these students have when I was their age, which is a good lookout for them. I encouraged them, as I'm encouraging anyone else reading this blog, to continue reading, to continue to find time to pick up a book and read even as you grow older and your lives become more complex. Even if you put down the pen and stop writing, at the very least, don't stop flipping through books.

Thanks again, Vin! If any of you have access to a Jade Pixiu, send one to him! You can get in touch with him via his blog. This is his year for true love!


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