Friday, March 28, 2008

Extremes In Temperature

My hosts went on a trip, with me in tow. While having lunch in a restaurant, I looked out the window and across the parking lot. Cripes! Snow! My mind and body are attuned to a Philippine summer, and it's snowing!

Relatives in Manila have emailed me to say that, as usual, it's hot and sweltering.

Spring is delayed here, according to the weatherman; it's -2 degrees. I checked the web, and as it is every summer, it's 31 degrees in the RP.

Can't there be a healthy middle ground for everyone? Like between 15 and 23 degrees?

"Nandito na nga kung saan malamig, nagrereklamo pa rin sa ginaw," someone said of me.

"Wala na nga sa Pilipinas, nagrereklamo pa rin sa init ng Maynila," someone else said of me.

"Give him a book already, so that he'll stop grumbling about the weather," my wife said. So someone did, and I am now behaving the rest of the trip.

Wala lang. Nang-aasar. It's snowing, so the Grinch in me has woken from hibernation earlier than usual. :D


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right now, Baguio's 15-23C.

8:14 PM  
Blogger pgenrestories said...

Hi, anonymous. That temp's not bad...

12:24 PM  

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