Friday, April 04, 2008

Two Scifi Links

The first via Zen In Darkness: A Brief History Of The Future by Dinah Birch. A quote:

"Writers continue to be drawn to the genre because it allows them to find subtle ways of exploring cultural anxiety and desire. As we leave the frosty air of the Cold War behind, innovative modes of science fiction reflect on the nature of religion, the fluidities of sexuality, the dizzying potentialities of computers, the relation between animals and humanity, the precarious coexistence of human weakness and environmental fragility...Science fiction has always asked frighteningly big questions; and, as some of its early projections become the facts of our everyday lives (organ transplantation, the exploration of space, assisted reproduction, climate change, genetic engineering, the mobile phone), it is developing ways for those questions to be addressed in a more human context."

The second via Welcome To Simpleton, whose blogpost Sci-Fi High, has the links to Dave Itzkoff's Why Don't We Invent It Tomorrow and Things We'll Probably Never See, as well as a brief writeup of how he felt after reading them.

Check out these links. Food for thought, for those who are interested in this genre.


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