Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wrong Choice Of Words

Scene: I'm walking through the ground floor of a mall after a meeting, when a robust young man in his early 20's, wearing a muscle shirt, sweat pants, and sneakers, walks up to me and hands me a leaflet to a gym.

Young man: Ser! Mukhang puwedeng-puwede ka mag-member sa gym namin! May promo kami ngayon sa cardio weight-loss program! (translation: "Looks like you could use a membership at our gym, sir! We have a cardio weight-loss promo right now!")

Me: Partner, kaunting payo para sa iyo, sa tingin ko kailangan mong baguhin yung sales-pitch mo. (translation: "Kid, just a bit of advice, I think you'd better change your sales-pitch.")

@#$%^&!!! Grrrr..... >:(


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