Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Once Again, It Continues

Heh. And another post on the same topic: Once Again, It Continues, from Wandering Star.

I do think these things are needed, just to help us all understand what's going on. Something IS happening in the local literature scene, we're probably not sure what. The old facing the new, the new facing the old, and not sure what to make of it, not sure what each side wants, for one thing.

And, that's all I'm saying about that, in fear of saying something again.

I'm just this newbie who doesn't know, right?

Brother: (After peering at PGS' post on this) What's that?
EK: (gives basic explanation)
Brother the car guy: But why don't you all just get along? You know, you're all writers!
EK: Um, it's not so simple. It's like...this group of people, they like their cars simple, no-frills...
Brother: Stock?
EK: Yeah. And this group of people like their cars with this and that, that the other group doesn't like...
Brother: "Tricked-out"?
EK: Something like that.
Brother: So why don't you all just agree that you all like cars? And talk about what you like in common?

Um, yeah. That.

Not saying one is this term and the other is the other term, just using analogies.


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