Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Blog Entry On The Meet-Up Of Readers

After yesterday's link, here's another blog entry, this time from Coffeespoons, on last weekend's meet-up of readers. An excerpt:

Nevertheless, the meeting was a blast all the same. Because of the large number of participants this time around (more than 35, if I'm not mistaken), we had to resort to giving each person 1 minute each to give a brief spiel about his or her best and worst read. Gege, mother Flipper and FFP founder, organized and coordinated everything. In spite of some teasing about lots of red tape (we asked people to write down their best read on yellow paper and worst read on pink paper, then post it on the wall), I'd say things went pretty smoothly. Everyone got to have their say, in more or less one minute. Then there was time left over for a more freewheeling discussion. Some questions were thrown about the books mentioned and a few reading recommendations were given.

What I liked about the sharing was that some people loved books that appeared in someone else's "worst" read. There was the usual ribbing, such as "You didn't love [insert book title here]?!" I liked the different viewpoints because it shows the wonderful diversity among readers. Discussing would be boring if we all thought the same way.


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