Monday, January 17, 2011

Some January Blessings

A bit past halfway through the first month of 2011 and I've received a handful of encouraging news for my own writing.

First, my story, "Lost For Words", which won Fantasy Magazine's 2009 Halloween Flash Fiction Contest, was accepted by No definite date of going live yet, but I'm so pleased with this development.

Not long afterward, another of my stories, "Spider Hunt", was also accepted as a podcast by Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine. It was originally published over at Aurora Wolf, and will be coming out fairly soon in Aurora Of The Sun, Aurora Wolf's third print anthology. Again, no set date for the podcast yet, but I'm sure when this and "Lost For Words" comes out on Dunesteef and Pseudopod respectively, I'm going to feel as excited as I do now. The editors and publishers of Dunesteef and Pseudopod were also quite kind with their words for my submissions to them.

And then, after these two acceptances, I read two positive reviews for Issue #5 of Innsmouth Free Press, where my story, "The Concierto Of SeƱor Lorenzo", was first published.

The first review I read was on Rise Reviews, where the reviewer used words like "beautiful piece" and "wonderful imagery" to describe my story. I've never had those words used yet to describe anything I've written, so that was quite a step-up for me!

After I linked up to the first review via my Twitter and Facebook page, a reader sent me a link to the second one, which was on Skull Salad Reviews; the reviewer chose my story as one of his top three from the issue. Both reviews found Issue #5 well worth their reading time, so it feels good to be part of such a strong collection.

The morale boost is quite welcome because, to be honest, I struggle with my own bouts of self-doubt, fear, and lack of confidence with my own writing skill. My saving grace, I suppose, is that when faced with these negative thoughts, I end up throwing my hands in the air, smiling (or even laughing), telling myself, "What the heck!", and despite all evidence against me, continue to set the words down no matter how much I feel like what I'm doing isn't worth it.

As I've gotten older, not taking myself too seriously has saved me from deeper neuroses, let me tell you.

So, this handful of news has encouraged me to keep on.

I hope this isn't the end of the good news yet. January's only half-over, after all!


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