Friday, March 18, 2011

Ghost Stories Shared At Asian Supernatural Lecture

PGS contributor Alex Paman shared his love for ghost stories at Sacramento State, his alma mater.

Paman's fascination with the unknown began in the Philippines, where he grew up in two haunted houses. Paman later wrote about his supernatural experiences in two books, "The Asian Supernatural: Including Hawaii and the Pacific" and "Filipino Ghost Stories."

Pat Chirapravati, Sac State professor and director of Asian studies, said the recent popularity in ghost research has led to renewed interest in the paranormal. While most people in Western culture are familiar with stories about vampires, zombies, ghosts and werewolves, few are aware of the vast supernatural realm that exists in Asian and Pacific cultures.

"Supernatural figures and stories have always been in my culture," said Chirapravati. "Coming to America, I've noticed it's not part of the Western culture as much as it is in Asian cultures. I can definitely see the difference. However, I am trying to expose the many aspects of Asian life to the Western audience so they gain a better understanding of different cultures' beliefs."

Being a Sac State alumnus, Paman was eager to present a lecture at his alma mater. He was even more excited to discuss his passion for the Asian supernatural and its different entities.

Paman said he designed the lecture to be intriguing and informative for students and faculty who are from Western culture. He said because the Asian supernatural culture is so diverse, it should be shared with people of Western cultures to inspire all cultures to embrace their traditions.

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