Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Local Plagiarism Incident

One would think that after a number of local plagiarism issues that have received a lot of attention, there would be more care given before going public with a piece of work. This issue hits me on a certain level, as I've blogged about before.

Now it seems that noted Pinoy writer Krip Yuson was called out for doing the same for a sports article. He replied apologetically about the matter, and the blogger who first noticed this, Jaemark Tordecilla of Fire Quinito, was ready to let things go (after linking up to some others who wrote about the matter). But then, the blogger changed his mind about it after reading that writer's latest column, in which Krip Yuson brought up the plagiarism issue once more. The blogger, to use his words, said that the column "unmasked the apology as disingenuous".

Others have weighed in, and if you click on those links, they're going to lead to more links.

Plagiarism sure has reared its ugly head several times in recent Philippine history. I hope this will be the last incident for some time. I'm afraid it might not be the last, though. If you're a writer, please take care not to plagiarize by always properly attributing what you lift. If you're a reader, well, it's easy to say "be aware of what you're reading", but really, there's only so much a reader can do since the cards are all with the writer and the editor. A sharp eye and a well-read mind might be the best tool against it.


Blogger Unknown said...

This open letter on the issue may also be of some interest to you.

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Blogger pgenrestories said...

@Interlineal: Thank you! Yes, I retweeted that link on my twitter feed c/o Coco Dayao. Thanks very much!

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