Saturday, September 17, 2011

We Are Being Greeted From Canada By Innsmouth Free Press!

Innsmouth Free Press sends us their greetings from Canada, "Found On The Net: Kumusta Ka Lovecraft"! Thank you, at kumusta ka din, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Innsmouth publisher!

The inspiration for this week’s Found on the Net comes courtesy of Kenneth Yu, who tipped us off about a story at Philippine Genre Stories titled “Stars” by Yvette Tan, which is set in Balicasag Island. Kenneth told us it was kinda Lovecraftian and we’ve concluded it likely is.

The appearance of a Filipino Lovecraft tale did not surprise as much as you may think, partially because we published a special themed issue with a stories set around the world, and the Philippines was one of the settings. The “The Hunger Houses” was the first story to arrive from the Philippines but not the last, because the next issue brought us “The Concierto Of Señor Lorenzo”. Finally, Arlene J. Yandug sold us a poem which will appear in Future Lovecraft this December. Other stories from that region have also circulated in the slush, so we’ve had the Philippines connection for a while now.

I’m not sure how the Filipino speculative writing community found us. It’s one of those things that just started happening, though I’d wager it was Charles Tan’s mentions in one of his blog posts that eventually delivered the Filipino writers to our shores. Or maybe it was just a cosmic coincidence.

Either way, it’s a good time to salute our Filipino readers and writers. Kumusta ka?

Hey, everyone, Innsmouth is selling two books (for now), Historical Lovecraft and Candle In The Attic. Please buy their books! Good stuff! They'll probably have more in the future, so do keep on reading and supporting Innsmouth!


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Historical Lovecraft, eh? Awesome!

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