Thursday, January 05, 2012

D.O.A.--Extreme Horror Collection Reviewed by Shaun Hamilton

D.O.A.--Extreme Horror Collection, an anthology in which my short story, "Cherry Clubbing", is included, is reviewed by Shaun Hamilton on The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog. He rates the anthology quite highly, and I'm grateful and flattered that he likes my story. An excerpt:

Firstly, BLOOD BOUND BOOKS appear to be a professional outfit who should be proud of their work. The stories are all well written, decently edited and presented in a professional manner. Respect has been shown to the stories, no matter what their content might be and for this they should be congratulated. Not only are they giving authors whose work is designed to shock and disturb even the strongest of wills the opportunity to actually see their work in print, they are treating the stories with the respect they deserve. These authors are people who might be fearful of the reaction their work would create, but BBB appears to be a publisher willing to defend what some might call the indefensible. And for that they must be congratulated.

As per usual with a lot of stories, the best one was the first one, CHERRY CLUBBING by Kenneth Yu. It managed to disgust with subtlety; not going overboard with the descriptions, letting the imagination run riot and asking questions of the reader. Other notables were CATERPILLAR by Craig Saunders, MY DARK LOVER by Stacy Bolli and SAVING RALPH by Alec Cizak.

Thank you for the kind review, Shaun! Click here to read his full review, and here for a copy of the anthology!


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