Thursday, August 30, 2007

PGS3 Erratum

A portion of the Author's Notes for Homer's Child by Paolo Chikiamco was inadvertently left out of the printing. We are reproducing it here in full, with the missing portions in bold.

Author's Notes for Homer's Child:
"My stories usually come from two sources: my desire to escape into a world or a character, and my desire to say something through the story. Homer's Child was a mixture of both. At the time I was very much caught in the grip of Harry Dresden (The Dresden Files) and Aleksandra Trese (Trese) and I wanted very much to have my own "Imbestigador" protagonist to play around with--but as the private investigator field seemed to have too much competition, Basil became a reporter, and a Storyteller, inspired by the theory that 'Homer' was not actually one man but many--a society of poets called the Homeridae. It was an easy jump from this to the Homeridae as 'chldren' of Homer who shared his gift. This particular adventure of Basil's (and there are many) was told because I believe that words, that stories, can influence the world around us...and that there are no more powerful stories than the ones that we tell ourselves, about ourselves. Muppet meanwhile, merely came from a...really weird dream."

Things happen, sometimes, but that's no excuse. So to further correct this, we will also issue an erratum in the upcoming PGS4.

Apologies to all the readers and to Paolo.


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