Monday, November 10, 2008

Vituperative, Abstemious, Amaneunsis

The 7-chapter article I read here (and which I mentioned here) from Newsweek had me reaching for the dictionary more than once, moreso on those three words in the title of this post.

I kinda' had a hint as to what "vituperative" meant, but only from from context. The second one, "abstemious" I more or less gleaned, also from context, but also because it's close to "abstain", which is near to what it means. The last one, "amaneunsis", left me groping (I thought it was a disease of some sort).

Thanks to Newsweek reporters I learned three new words last week, and a few more. These are all words that I doubt I will ever use in normal conversation. I think only the Queen of $5.00 words (author of "Beacon" from PGS2) would know the definitions of these words without needing to look them up.


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