Saturday, January 17, 2009

Speculative Fiction, Multiculturalism, And An Online Free For All!

As taken from The Wolf's Lair: Speculative Fiction, Multiculturalism, And An Online Free For All! Here's his post:

So, a friend links me to an index of links to an ongoing discussion of multiculturalism in speculative fiction/sf&f. Taking a break between writing a story and cramming for a French test, I tell myself, what the hell, it might be an interesting read. Famous last words. :P

There goes my productivity for the rest of the night.

The Index

Whatever You're Doing, You're Doing it Wrong.

It begins with a blog post by Elizabeth Bear about "Writing The Other". Her initial article mutates into a look at multiculturalism in SF&F (which is dominated by the Western/White Science Fiction/Fantasy Megatext)

This of course stirs up the hornets nest, infuriating feminists and post-colonials alike. I haven't even finished reading the other articles yet, but there was one reply up there by an Indian that hits in the gut, because in a way, it could be argued that the same thing has happened here in the Philippines (I Didn't Dream of Dragons.). Another one that I liked tackles what the blogger considers racist bias in SF&F, bringing up examples like Andromeda's Tyr Anasazi and Stargate's Teal'c and how minorities become bit characters saddled onto white heroes (An Open Letter to Elizabeth Bear).

There's a lot more I still haven't read, and the fascinating thing for me is that this sucker is still ongoing, with a few of these posts still hot off the keyboards. If you stalk the blogosphere, love SF&F and enjoy all the conondrums of cultural criticism and postcolonial eck-eck, you might want to keep your sights trained on these. Heck, you might even want to dive in yourself and have your say. (I for one am too sleepy to cook up a coherent comment on these tonight) Enjoy.

There goes my productivity for the rest of the bloody weekend, I guess. When will I ever get Mother of Monsters written up for CW 198?

EDIT: Much thanks to thebumpercar for the links.

What's being discussed might strike a nerve with some of you.


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