Sunday, January 31, 2010

Various Interesting Links Sent In Over The Last Week Or So

Sorry for not having blogged regularly for some time, but to be frank, there have been two reasons: work, and the just concluded Australian Open (Roger Federer just won his 4th title down under). Admittedly, knowing how I am such a tennis freak, it's more of the latter than the former. I can now transform from deranged and very loud and obnoxious fan, to being just a little bit more normal now (but only just). Until Roland Garros, that is.

Here's a compilation of links sent in by a PGS reader who wishes to remain anonymous. This PGS reader always sends in interesting stuff he finds over the web, which I in turn wish to share with others. My thanks to this reader. To everyone else: if you find anything interesting you want to share, or want to plug something literary in nature, please feel free to drop me an email and I'll do my best to post it here on the PGS blog. I can't guarantee that I always will post your links, since I'll act as something of a filter (like, I rarely post anything not related to books, writing, reading, or storytelling in some form), but it's an easy filter, if you know what this blog is about.

To the links!

Behold The Man II - where a blogger is thinking about writing a book where he speculates about what would happen if someone from today travels back in time to shoot Jesus Christ after the resurrection but before the ascension. Read the comments. Not just logical possibilities are discussed, but even some theological dogma.

Avatar And Disability
- A blog post about seeing the Avatar movie from the point-of-view of the disability of one of its main characters, and how it plays on his motivation. Interesting insight on the depths of character, one that I don't think many have considered before.

Mindless Piffle? Hardly. TV Makes Sense Of The World - Reading advocates have historically decried TV and film as "the enemy" of literacy (I've never been that drastically rabid, but then again, I admit that, outside of sports shows, I don't watch that much TV). Here's an article that provides the opposite viewpoint, pointing out how the stories told in some of today's favorite shows actually have something to show and say.

Kafka's Last Living Friend Remembers - We have some insight into writer Franz Kafka's character through the eyes of one of his friends, a 106-year-old Holocaust survivor.

Confessions Of A Book Pirate
- The most interesting link for me, given all the changes technology is wreaking on the way we read. It's an interview--and a look into the mind--of a voracious reader who participates in online piracy.


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