Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Candy Box Of History's Sappiest Literary Lovers

Thanks to the Twitter of Songs In The City, this appropriate Valentine's link, A Candy Box Of History's Sappiest Literary Lovers, via the blog A Journey Round My Skull. An excerpt:

Familiar figures among upper echelon literary lovelorn include Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway, Robert Louis Stevenson and Fannie Osbourne, Gerard de Nerval and Jenny Colon, to name but a few. Their stories have all the poignancy, drama, humor and pathos of popular romance. Cupid's unpredictability is never to be denied and there can be little doubt that the mischievous cherub was wearing his blindfold too tight when he shot the darts that created these legendary couples.

Click here to read about how love took some literary figures.


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