Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Asian Chic Book Launch In Manila

As seen on Facebook:

Hello to the VIPs in our lives!

Anvil Publishing is releasing our novels in Manila, and we would love for you to be there for the book launch on April 8!

A little backstory: Last November 2008, we successfully launched three chick lit titles in Singapore and Malaysia, but sadly a lot of our Philippine-based friends couldn't come.

Just a teaser on the books...

• "Mrs MisMarriage" by Noelle de Jesus Chua
This delicious novel about a reluctant newlywed's adventures is by the Palanca award-winning author and editor of "Fastfood Fiction", an anthology published by Anvil.

• "Amazing Grace" by Tara FT Sering
One woman's hilarious jetsetting journey to true love is by the multi-awarded Sering (she wrote "Almost Married", among many other books)

• "Undercover Tai Tai" by Maya O Calica
This mystery thriller has action, romance and comedy thrown in, and is by the bestselling author of "The Breakup Diaries", which was produced as part of ABC-5's "Love Books" TV series in 2008.

See you all on April 8, 5.30pm, at National Bookstore at the Shangri-La Mall. And do come up and say hello :)

Noelle, Tara and Maya


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