Friday, April 30, 2010

Fiction Magazines Worth Reading: 2010

From Wet Asphalt, Fiction Magazines Worth Reading: 2010. An excerpt:

It's been just over a year since I posted about the fiction magazines I felt were still worth reading, and already two magazines I liked (Farrogo's Wainscot and the not-mentioned-but-should-have-been Lone Star Stories) have gone out of business. Since then, I've also read a lot more widely, discovering new venues. Given that these things may continue to happen, it seemed appropriate enough to turn the list into a yearly outing. There's a glut of completely unreadable fiction magazines out there (with the "literary" magazines tending toward tepid boredom and the genre magazines tending toward uninspired hack-work), and the world sorely needs someone to sort through them and pick out the ones that are actually worth paying attention to.

Also, if your looking for places to place your own fiction and poetry, there's no better resource than Duotrope Digest, which has a great search feature as well as submission tracking, favorites and other features.

Note: If you publish a fiction magazine that you would like considered for this list please email If your magazine is not available for free online, please include an electronic review copy.

The marker "2" indicates this is the second year the magazine has made the list.

The marker "*" indicates this magazine is most highly recommended.


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