Wednesday, May 05, 2010

May Is Short Story Month 2010

As seen on Emerging Writers Network: Short Story Month 2010. An excerpt:

...the Emerging Writers Network will indeed be celebrating Short Story Month again this year and once again we thank Steven Seighman for designing our logo for this year. You'll see his handiwork at least around 100 times this month at this blog alone, though I will not go so far as to promise 3 posts per day this year.

I have some fun planned though - bringing back some old story collection reviews, some guest posts, looking at stories from some collections and journals I've just not quite gotten to yet, as well as pointing people to other places celebrating short story month.

Click here for more details.

I read a lot of novels, but I also love the short-story form. It takes a different mindset to read (and write) both forms; one's a marathon, the other's a sprint. But when both are well-done, they're really enjoyable reads.

So, it's currently short story month for this year. Go and pick up an anthology of short fiction and dive in!


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