Monday, May 31, 2010

Writer J.A. Konrath Believes The eBook Will Replace Print

(Just a brief blog entry. Don't really have the time yet to blog as regularly as before, but I'll try and return as soon as I can.)

Writer J.A. Konrath believes that the ebook will replace print. Frankly, since I used to be a printer, and I've seen the numbers and felt the effects of it on a smaller scale, I think so too (though a very emotional part of me hopes I'm wrong).

Check out these blog entries of his:

And They Say That A Hero Will Save Us, where he believes authors will lead the charge for ebooks.

You Can Pry My Paper Books From My Cold, Dead Fingers, where he compares what he calls the "journey value" of the mediums for reading, as well as in comparison to other technologies.

You Can Pry My Ebooks From My Cold, Dead, Fingers, where he enumerates what the various industries have done when faced with the onslaught of technology change, those who have adapted, and those who haven't.

And Steal This Ebook, where he puts his money where his mouth is.


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