Wednesday, September 22, 2010

86% Of Pinoys Are Literate--NSO

The National Statistics Office reports that 86% of Pinoys are literate. An excerpt from the article:

The National Statistics Office (NSO) central office revealed that 58 million out of the estimated 67 million Filipinos aged 10 to 64 years old are functionally literate, meaning they can read, write, compute, and comprehend.

Based on the 2008 Functional Literacy, Education, and Mass Media Survey (FLEMMS), whose results were released this month and presented by NSO Administrator Carmelita Ericta at the 2010 National Literacy Conference and Awards here, the functional literacy of over 86.5 percent is slightly higher than the 2003 FLEMMS results which was at 84.1 percent.

The latest survey showed that literacy is much higher among those who had completed high school or higher education.


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