Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Day Without Diabetes

(We interrupt the usual reading/publishing/writing/stories/books blog entries to bring you this special announcement)

I don't think this has received the kind of press as other causes, but it's still worthwhile: tomorrow, November 14, 2010, is World Diabetes Day. The University of the Philippines Pre-Medical Honor Society is sponsoring a fun run tomorrow called "Sugar Rush" to make people more aware of the disease, and whose proceeds will go to helping those suffering from it.

I bring it up because of two friends who are coming to terms with the fact that their young son has Type 1 diabetes, a most difficult and unfair situation for any kid to deal with. I feel for the family, and I do hope that one day a cure for this disease is found (as well as for all other illnesses, if that's possible). But this family's tough, and they're going to fight it off and come out better and stronger for it, I'm sure.

Head on over to this blog, A Day Without Diabetes, to read up on how this family is facing their situation with courage and hope.


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