Friday, September 28, 2007

Me And My Delusions of Grandeur, And The Wandering Star

Jeff-Reiji of Me And My Delusions of Grandeur thinks all the talk about Philippine Speculative Fiction that's been going on is Beautiful Chaos. But it's this statement of his that I agree with completely:

"I’m looking forward to a day that it (Philippine Speculative Fiction) will be accessible to everyone regardless of their standing (in life)."

Wandering Star, on the other hand, makes interesting points, the most interesting for me being this:

"The (Philippine) music industry, just by making and making music, finally now has an identity all its own. Sure, it still has obvious Western influences, but it no longer sounds like an imitation of Western music. They did not do this by making categories, but just making a conscious effort to be at least slightly different from what they've heard before. Why is that not possible to do for literature in my country, aye?"

As I've written in this post, I'm not that up-to-date with current music, from the Philippines or elsewhere (I still very much enjoy the old stuff that I've currently got in my iPod); so I am not the best person to ask about the above quote. But it seems that for Wandering Star, Philippine music has progressed farther than Philippine fiction.

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