Tuesday, November 06, 2007

An Online Forum For PGS!

Okay! I've just been given permission by the moderators to make the announcement here on the PGS blog.

Like I mentioned here, the online PGS forum moderated by Charles Tan and Paolo Chikiamco is up! Thank you Paolo and Charles for doing this, for taking this on. I hope it's a success, and that a lot of people will join and get involved.

The current link to the forum, http://z3.invisionfree.com/PGS/, is rather hard to remember, so thanks to Dominique Cimafranca, you can use the more memorable link http://www.pgsforum.kom.ph. Yes, that's "kom" with a "k", not a "c".

I have to point out though that the forum is independent from PGS the Digest, me as publisher, or the company behind the actual physical production of PGS. The forum is a wholly separate entity set-up and moderated by Paolo and Charles. They're the power and bosses behind it. I'm just going to be a regular member, like anyone else who joins. If the forum reaches a high level of participation, I'm sure Paolo and Charles will scour the members list and ask for more volunteers to moderate.

Go to the site now, bookmark it, register, and participate! Thank you again, Paolo and Charles!


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