Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pinoy Wrimos At The Summer Komikon

Ria Lu of Talecraft emailed me about the Pinoy Wrimos who will be at the coming Summer Komikon. Here's the copy-and-pasted entry from the Talecraft website:

As part of our Project 20:10 Advocacy, Talecraft is sponsoring a table for the Pinoy NaNoWriMos to be able to promote and sell their e-books! Here are some of the titles appearing at the Summer Komikon on April 17, 2010 at the UP Bahay ng Alumni:

Pauline Tan
Title: Ghost Café: Now Open
(1 short story, 1 novel)

Genre: Mystery/Thriller, Supernatural

Summary: There's something we call 'retired'. So, if I say I'm already retired, it means I'm no more in service. Been so for the past four years, actually. Please stop sending me lovely lady agents, seriously. It's not easy to run a coffee house when there are blond agents running in and out, threatening me to do exorcisms when I'm already a retired exorcist. It's not that I'm old. I just have issues and hey, just because I agreed to it in the end, it doesn't mean you can just throw some ghost of a crazy serial killer--are you even listening? Jebus.

Raven Warrchylde
Title: Crimson Skies

Genre: Literary Fiction

Blurb: Her name is Cindy Wilder and she is a novelist. She wrote a story and made it big in the industry wherein people will die just to reach her. Literally. When she woke up to find an angry yet angel-like creature watching over her; she knew, she is now a part of her story and she's the main character who is doomed to die. Will she be able to live through the next chapters?

Judd Labarda
Title: Dragon Wars: The Dragon Slayer's Heart
(novel excerpt/sample as of last information)

Genre: Science Fiction

Blurb: “A group of gaming enthusiasts who challenge the inequitous system of their ‘world’... An extraordinary tale of friendship, deceit, and betrayal... Weaved into humorous satire and heartrending drama.”

EK Gonzales (PGS Contributor for The Holiday Issue)
Title: Activated

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Blurb: In two regions where elements are controlled by programs, four young people must work together and save Selatan from an invasion by Pendi. Fire programmer Lan has given up on life. Heal programmer Beika has to prove her worth and her friendship. Futuretell Marceau must defend her new authority. Ice programmer Soji must seek his reason to live. They will have to work together to get back Selatan's new Crimson Master before it is too late.

If you're interested in being part of this project, feel free to email us.


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