Friday, August 27, 2010

Are Dedicated E-Reading Devices For You?

Hang on before purchasing a dedicated e-reader. See first if such a gadget fits your needs. Here's an article, Are E-Books Worth The Money? An excerpt:

E-book readers are booming. Amazon (AMZN - News) says in the past few months sales of e-books have zoomed past sales of the paper ones. While e-books are still in an early stage—the Association of American Publishers says that so far this year they account for 8% of consumer books, compared to just 3% in 2009—the growth rate is dramatic. (This is one of the problems besetting Barnes & Noble, which has just announced a quarterly loss following a decline in sales of traditional books.)

Beyond all the hype, are e-book readers a good deal? Are they worth the money? If so, how can you get the maximum return on your investment?

Here are six money tips for pennywise book lovers:

1. Casual readers probably shouldn't bother.

2. The books aren't as cheap as they should be.

3. Savvy readers read the classics anyway.

4. Be aware of the potential costs of buying a Kindle.

5. Be aware of the costs of the rivals.

6. And if you're thinking of buying a book-reader--wait!


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