Monday, September 27, 2010

Filipino Book Bloggers (Part 3)

Overall, it was a fun afternoon spent with fellow Pinoy book-lovers. Though the venue could have been a little less crowded and noisy, one wherein everyone could've spoken their minds and be heard, I'm sure this was also a product of the event attracting more people than expected. That this number would've taken time off from their regular Saturday afternoons to be there says a lot about their love for books.

I also agree with one of the bloggers that the talk could also have been a little less serious, with a chance for everyone to introduce themselves to each other. I hope that the serious talk didn't turn anyone off, but if there are going to be future get-togethers, then yes, I agree that more fun, jokes, and mingling would be welcome to balance the overall seriousness of this first meeting. Oh, and yes, more talk of books and stories, too.

My next post will have the last photos I took, as well as the blogs of everyone who attended.

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