Friday, September 24, 2010

Joseph Nacino Interview

Click here to read PGS contributor Joseph Nacino's interview on Fantasy Magazine (his story, "Logovore", was published there). An excerpt:

Could you tell us a bit about the process of writing “Logovore”?

Okay, the inception of the story came about from an idea of a person who eats words in order to live. Normally, I have a writing exercise that involves timing myself to write within a 15-minute period which is perfect if I want to flesh out a particular concept. But this time, because I was feeling particularly inspired with the idea, I extended my 15-minutes to give birth to the vignette, “The Word-Eater Falls in Love.” (For an idea of this came about, you can read my blog post about it here, which was first written in 2005.)

You said that “Logovore” was inspired by the idea of “how a person who survives on eating one particular language would be able to live in a foreign land.” Do you enjoy traveling or moving to new places? What do you like or dislike most?

Well, it’s always good to travel and I’ve been to a few cities in Europe, the US and Southeast Asia. So yes, I like traveling and new places. However, I usually get homesick for a Filipino face after a week or so and I can never really survive long without our basic staple, which is rice.

Also, one thing I like about traveling to new places is–of course–all the new sights to see like the canals in Amsterdam and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. I also loved looking at the architecture in Paris but really, it’s best if you go there with a friend or loved one: it’s hard not to point at the Eiffel Tower and say “Look at that!” and there’s no one beside you.


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