Friday, October 01, 2010

A Review Of Asian Supernatural

PGS contributor Alex Paman's first book, Asian Supernatural, is reviewed here at Psican. An excerpt:

Asian Supernatural including Hawaii and The Pacific covers all sorts of paranormal lore from ghosts and demons to fantastical creatures, and seemingly every other odd character in between. These are listed alphabetically, and categorized by nation, and culture. Did I already mention to you how ambitious the undertaking of a book like this is? I'm certain I did, but I'll mention it again in order to hopefully give you a better appreciation of the magnitude, and scope of such a project. The sheer volume of information to be found within the covers of this book is quite simply impressive.

I am fairly familiar with certain Asian lore like the urban legend of the Hong Kong bathroom ghost, which is described as a beautiful female apparition that will change into a frightening faceless spectre after she lures witnesses to a secluded spot. However, soon after I began reading this book I realised how incomplete my knowledge of Asian supernatural characters really was, and how quickly this book was going to become a treasured addition to my own home library. Inside I discovered so many fantastical creatures like the guei, yurei, kwisin, ma, hantu, multo, and lapu that in all honesty I had either limited or no information on before opening this book. The author also has provided his own illustrations of many of the supernatural beings that serve to enhance each unique listing.

The comparative capabilities between Eastern, and Western lore provided by such a resource makes it very worthwhile, and useful to researchers. While reading through this book you'll discover that although there are some big differences between the east and west within certain aspects of the supernatural there is also very much that is the same.


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