Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Thousands Of Birds Fall From The Sky, Dead

Strange occurrence. Thousands of birds fell from the sky in Arkansas, dead. It seems they were scared to death by loud noises, presumably fireworks. One wonders then why we don't see the same happen here in the Philippines every New Year's Eve, given how much we like popping our fireworks on that day.

PGS contributor Elyss Punsalan, the one behind Pakinggan Pilipinas, texted me about it:

"Did you catch the news yesterday about five thousand birds that dropped out of the sky? Was on CNN. Thought it was life imitating your fiction. No flooding though."

Elyss is referring to my story, "The Sparrows Of Climaco Avenue", which is about a drowning city and birds falling dead from the sky.

Good thing, hehe, though the news is, er, flooded with reports about rising water levels in Australia; I hope no birds are dropping from the sky over there.


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