Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Commentary On The Current State Of The American Short Story

Stephen King has an article in the September 30, 2007 issue of The New York Times, "What Ails The Short Story". He makes some interesting observations. His conclusion?

"So — American short story alive? Check. American short story well? Sorry, no, can’t say so. Current condition stable, but apt to deteriorate in the years ahead."

Ellen Datlow, co-editor of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, responds here: "What Stephen King Thinks About The State of The Short Story. Her point?

"His comments especially trouble me because nowhere does Mr. King mention the continually entertaining and fertile grounds from which he sprung—science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Yes, the short story (mainstream and genre) is suffering from a lack of visibility, but entertaining and literate short fiction is indeed being published —just check out some of the original anthologies and magazines regularly publishing literature of the fantastic, such as The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Fantasy Magazine, Subterranean Magazine, Cemetery Dance."

Thanks to Charles Tan for letting me know about this.


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