Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Write Here, Write Now (Plus A Suggestion)

(I'm not sure...wasn't there a song with lyrics like those?)

Still on Philippine Speculative Fiction, Notes From The Peanut Gallery encourages us to Write Here, Write Now.

The discussions have all been informative and in-depth, and I will continue to update the links here as long as there are people still blogging about it (and as long as I am informed about them, so please let me know if something new comes up).

May I suggest something, though? In addition to following the suggestion in the link above to write some more, what say we bring up examples of stories that we like (or not) that may (or may not) fall under "Philippine" fiction, speculative or realist? That way, we can discuss the body of work that we know of and have read. Perhaps that will help us appreciate more the work that is being produced, help us grow in our reading versatility, and for those of us who tell stories, help us grow too in our writing. I'd gladly make a new entry linking all the discussions about stories written by Filipinos. Anyone want to start an online something about Nick Joaquin's "May Day Eve"? Or N.V.M. Gonzales's "Children Of The Ash-Covered Loam"? Or how about more recent tales, like "Y" by Sharmaine Galve, "The 101st Michael" by K. Osias, or "Insomnia" by Joseph Nacino? Talking about stories that have been written and published can only broaden our understanding of what's already out there.

Or something like this, for example: on October 20, 2007 at 4 p.m., the members of the Manila Litcritters will be hosting at A Different Bookstore, Serendra, a critique session for three stories from PGS3. These stories are "Twinspeak" by Elyss Punsalan, "Tuko" by Miggy EscaƱo, and "The Devil Is In The Details" by Charles Tan. The session is open to the public, so please feel free to come and share your thoughts on their stories. Discuss characterization, plot, setting, dialogue, and all the other elements that go into a story, and how they were handled by these Pinoy authors. Share what you liked or what you didn't like from their tales, or if you prefer, you can just listen in. Just make sure you grab a copy of PGS3 and read their stories before going so you know what's being talked about! (PGS3 will be available at A Different Bookstore on the day itself, in case you want to get one, by the way).


Anonymous tin said...

As it happens we were thinking of hosting a book discussion column of sorts in Libro.ph (and we're also close to launching a site for reading groups) Maybe we can integrate this into the project? Which is less a project really and more of getting into active literary discussions online for the benefit of several people (*looks at certain high schoolers*)

10:30 PM  
Blogger pgenrestories said...

Great! Let me know when it's up and I'll announce it here. As for linking up with the Manila Litcritters and their regular get-together/critique sessions at A Different Bookstore in Serendra, you might have to get in touch with them.

7:57 AM  

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