Saturday, February 27, 2010

News On The Philippine Graphic Literary Section

I had heard some weeks ago that The Philippine Graphic's literary section was closing, but here's the public announcement from an editor of the publication, Alma Anonas-Carpio, clarifying matters:
Many rumors have flown throughout the local literary circles that the Philippines Graphic Literary Editor, Marra PL Lanot no longer holds that position with the magazine and that the publication's literary section has been discontinued.

The first part, about Marra no longer being Graphic's literary editor, is true. The magazine's managing editor, Joel Pablo Salud and I, the Graphic's associate editor, were informed by management about the discontinuation of Marra's tenure as literary editor after the decision was implemented.

We were also told to fill the gap Marra's absence would leave and, so it came to be that Mr. Salud wound up in charge of reading and selecting the short fiction pieces that would see print each week and I was given charge over the poetry submissions. We do this additional work without additional pay because we believe strongly in keeping Graphic's literary section alive. The Graphic would simply not be the magazine we love without its short stories and poetry.

The Graphic's literary section lives on, albeit without Marra's guiding hand. The magazine still publishes poetry and short fiction in English every week and those who want to see if their pieces make the cut may email us at litgraphic(at)gmail(dot)com.

Let us put these rumors to rest, once and for all, and spread the word that the Philippines Graphic will continue to publish short fiction and poetry, as is the tradition the magazine has set for Philippine Letters. We will welcome authors young and old, experienced and new. We look forward to reading and publishing the works that pass the meticulous standards set by Marra and by Nick Joaquin.

Let the words continue to flow. Send them to us.


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