Wednesday, May 12, 2010

11 Amazing Fake Harry Potter Books Written In China

As seen on 11 Points: 11 Amazing Fake Harry Potter Books Written In China. An excerpt:

I've always found the Chinese bootleg industry -- which is scarily enormous -- to be fascinating. It's clear they have an affinity for Western brands... but have such different cultural values and backgrounds that they never quite "get" the nuances, the appeal, the subtleties that define those brands. That leaves their rip-offs being, well, tragically bad.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon the Chinese "Harry Potter" fake book market. Here, it seems, Chinese authors have seized upon the Potter popularity and decided to run with it. It's hard to say how many new "Harry Potter" books have come out of China -- most of the articles I read put it around a dozen -- I found almost twice that during my research and picked my 11 favorites to share here.

These are 11 amazing fake "Harry Potter" novels written and bootlegged in China, and a little info I found out about each of them. Although they're truly unbelievable, each of these is very much real.

My favorite is "Harry Potter And The Chinese Porcelain Doll".

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