Saturday, January 15, 2011

NBA Players Have To Contend With A Haunted Hotel

This article had me smiling as I read it. It's about how when NBA players on other teams visit the Oklahoma City Thunder, they are usually billeted at The Skirvin Hotel, which is supposedly haunted. The hotel's story:

The Oklahoma showplace became a popular speak-easy during Prohibition. It was during this time that W.B. Skirvin was said to have had an affair with one of the hotel maids. According to legend, the maid soon conceived and in order to prevent a scandal, she was locked in a room on the top floor of the hotel. The desolate girl soon grew depressed and even after the birth of her child; she was still not let out of the room. Half out of her mind, she finally grabbed the infant child and threw herself, along with the baby, out of the window.

The maid’s name remains unknown, but her ghost continues to haunt the Skirvin Hotel and she was nicknamed "Effie” by former employees.

Effie was apparently a woman of loose morals and many men who have stayed in the hotel have often reported being propositioned by a female voice while alone in their rooms. Others have seen the figure of a naked woman with them while taking a shower. One man even claimed he was sexually assaulted by an invisible entity during his stay.

Other strange noises and occurrences were reported by staff and guests including things seemingly being moved around by themselves, such as the maid’s cart being pushed down the hall when no one was there.

Stan Van Gundy, the coach of the Orlando Magic, tried to quell his players' fears by saying that he fears more the Thunder's top player, a real beast of a baller named Kevin Durant. Frankly, they should; Durant dropped 36 points on the Magic and helped his team win by 1.


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